US-Japan JIFT Meeting

Theory and Simulation of 3-D Physics in Stellarators/Heliotrons and RFPs

1025 Engineering Centers Building
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
June 3-5, 2013


Confinement Modeling and Impurities-Chair: Hegna
9:00am: S. Murakami, Kyoto Univ. - Integrated simulation of high ion temperature plasmas of LHD by TASK3D+GNET-TD
Murakami Presentation

9:30am: G. Weir, UW-Heat pulse propagation experiments and stiffness in the electron heat flux on the HSX stellarator
Weir Presentation

10:00am: Coffee break

10:30am: M. Yokoyama, NIFS - Integrated transport analysis suite for LHD plasmas, TASK3D-a
Yokoyama Presentation

11:00am: S. T. A. Kumar, UW - Outward convection of impurity ions in the MST RFP
Kumar Presentation

11:30am: Shin Nishimura, NIFS - Neoclassical transport of impurities in non-symmetric toroidal plasmas
Nishimura Presentation


3-D MHD Equilibrium-Chair: Anderson
1:30pm: J. Hanson, Auburn - Three dimensional equilibrium reconstruction in stellarators, RFPs and tokamaks
Hanson Presentation

2:00pm: B. Chapman, UW - Unified parametric dependence and reconstruction of 3-D equilibrium in the RFP
Chapman Presentation

2:30pm: E. Chlechowitz, UW - Strategic positioning of diagnostics for plasma equilibrium reconstruction
Chlechowitz Presentation

3:00pm: Afternoon Break

3:30pm: C. Cook, UW - SIESTA: A scalable MHD equilibrium solver with islands
Cook Presentation

4:00pm: M. Schlutt, UW - Extended MHD simulations of stellarators
Schlutt Presentation

4:30pm: A. Ware, Montana - Bootstrap current and magnetic islands in W7-X
Ware Presentation



Energetic Particles and Edge/Divertor Modeling - Chair: Yokoyama
9:00am: D. Spong, ORNL - Simulation of fast ion driven Alfven instabilities for stellarators and RFPs
Spong Presentation

9:30am: S. Yamamoto, Kyoto - Energetic particle issues in Heliotron J and TJ-II
Yamamoto Presentation

10:00am: Coffee Break

10:30am: S. Eilerman, UW - Fast ion confinement and dynamics in the 3D helical RFP
Eilerman Presentation

11:00am: J. Talmadge, UW - Targeted physics optimization in HSX
Talmadge Presentation

11:30am: A. Bader, UW - Modeling of HSX edge plasmas with EMC3-EIRENE
Bader Presentation


Gyrokinetics and Turbulent Transport- Chair: Talmadge
1:30pm: M. Rorvig, UW - Optimal design of 2-D and 3-D shaping for linear ITG stability
Rorvig Presentation

2:00pm: B. Wilcox, UW - Measurements of the constribution of Reynolds stress to the momentum balance in the HSX stellarators
Wilcox Presentation

2:30pm: D. Carmody, UW - Gyrokinetic simulations of reserved field pinches
Carmody Presentation

3:00pm: Lab Tours - Open Discussion


Extended MHD Modeling and Confinement - Chair: Murakami
9:00am: C. C. Hegna, UW - Can flows heal island divertors?
Hegna Presentation

9:30am: S. Masamune, Kyoto Inst. of Tech - MHD mode dynamics associated with helical RFP state in low-aspect ratio RFP
Masamune Presentation

10:00am: Coffee Break

10:30am: J. Sauppe, UW - Extended MHD modeling of the coupling of current relaxation and momentum transport in reversed-field pinches
Sauppe Presentation

11:00am: J. Hebert, Auburn - NIMROD modeling of current-driven discharges in the Compact Torodial Hybrid
Hebert Presentation

11:30am: P. W. Terry, UW - Suppression of nonlinear interactions in the Quasi Single Helicity State
Terry Presentation